“I want to try and have a baby”…

“so do I my dear…”

It was a conversation as simple as that. We had a house, we both had jobs, and we were young and in love, so why not? We converted the spare upstairs room into the “baby’s room”, complete with a crib and I even put together a shelf with children’s books. We felt we were ready.Then I find out about her sexual proclivities, simply stated, she was a whore. That was certainly a turn off for me, so I immediately ended the relationship and a month before I turned twenty eight, found myself living back with my parents with no car, a job I had just started, and heaps of debt.

It was time to grow up and change my life.

I had to rise at five A.M every day to catch the bus to work from the parents home, arriving to work at eight A.M. Plenty of time to think about my life and the direction I wanted to go. James Taylor accompanied me on many of these daily trips.

I would pop the CD into my player and just listen, drowning out the hum of the bus engine. His lyrics comforted me in my despair.

It’s been sixteen years now since the days of riding a bus every day, working crazy long hours, and sacrificing many things to prove to myself and others the potential I knew I had inside me.

When the chance came last weekend to see James Taylor in Seattle, there was no question in my mind about it. I feel as though I owe the life I have now to his music, and he delivered on all of my hopes, dreams and expectations.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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