It’s an adage that holds the test of time.

“you find the most amazing things when you aren’t even looking.”

The town of Salinas, California, is one you do not find easily off the Interstate. Yet with determination I navigate the lonely streets and empty vegetable and fruit fields to town. It’s Memorial Day weekend, and so most businesses are closed so families can enjoy the day together.

One place is open though, the National Steinbeck Center. It is here that I stumble upon the artwork of four generations of Easton.

Think about that for a moment…four generations of artists from the same family. From oil paintings to black and white nude photography, this family covers the gambit.

Between this and the charm, warmth and hospitality of the mostly Hispanic community, my love for Salinas grew quick and fast, as great unadulterated love often does.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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