Pulsating. Throbbing. Exciting.
Long flowing golden tendrils that traipse in infinite strands through the heightened blueness.
The world of the Jellies.

Hypnotized in their movements I am. A creature that seems so alien, other worldly, beacons of light that shine a mysterious language I long to understand.

Translucent they are, showing the world all they have to offer. A jelly has nothing to hide, and is seemingly proud of this accomplishment.

Microscopic in size are some, yet that does not diminish their presence or power. Each individual living organism has it’s place, it’s singular purpose.

A species that seems to have new varieties continually spawn, or perhaps their numbers are so great and vast that man is constantly finding new jellies to showcase to the world.

I hope it is the latter….

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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