I don’t remember Charles from when I first went to Kenya in 2009, but I guess he remembered me. About a week before I left to go back in 2010, I received a random e-mail from him, asking if I could bring him a basketball.

No problem, I thought to myself. I had plenty that people had donated.

On our last day in Kenya in 2010, a giant of a boy came up to me, and introduced himself as Charles. I joyously handed him the basketball I brought. He was overcome with emotion, endlessly thanking me.

I didn’t see Charles when I was there in 2011. That happens sometimes, life goes on.

When I was there with Build.Create.Kenya in 2012, I had more downtime and spent quite a few hours with Charles. I learned more about his upbringing in the slums of Dandora, his family, and his current dream of finishing school and working in the Medical profession.

Being in this profession myself, I was very proud of Charles and strongly encouraged him to continue with his dream. Recently I received the following e-mail from him…..

“its a privilege to hear from you, sorry i had to call your mobile number when i know you are busy, am good doing great in the lord
we did open school the previous week, and right now I’m winding up with the registrations stuff.
Can you believe our lectures are on strike?, everything is kept on hold in terms of academics.
Scott as my pal i want you to prayer for me to clear up with my registration, Dr.Richard Nielsen has been such a wonderfully person in my life.. i didn’t expect him to help me this much but am grateful to our lord for this.
Good news i have been appointed as the big man in our basketball team, they also offer me scholarship that pays a tenth of my school fees and truthfully i cant wait to win for the school, this is a dream come true. hope you see the photo attached.
And all this started out with one basketball you did give me. thank you for that.
how is everything with you? i do understand you are in Canada ,
personal i find Canada and the United States very much alike, or am I wrong?”

Charles in action…

It’s funny what can have an impact on another life.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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