It was hard to believe that I had never been here before, with the many times I had been to Dead Horse Point. Such is the way life goes though, if you go just behind your normal routine, one may discover a side of yourself that was previously unknown.

I’d just left the family after Christmas (2021) and was looking forward to time alone in the desert. The sun has yet to rise as I pass the National Park entrance to the Island to the Sky section of Canyonlands.

The outside temperature at the entrance was below freezing, no doubt about it. The place is nearly desolate this early in the morning, except for a lone crow circling overhead, as they usually do when I am out here alone. Still making up my mind if it is Death watching me, or my protector is these beautiful, unforgiving lands.

The 100 mile White Rim road entrance is closed due to ice & snow. Driving it was my original plan, but hiking works well as a back-up option. The crow silently flies overhead as I walk out onto a stone precipice and see a partial view of White Rim road.

I find a path leading to a trail on the other side of White Rim. The crows seems to be flying in that direction, so I follow heed. It is only the two of us as I descend into the canyon, feeling the way two young lovers would exploring the depths of the other.

Miles later I emerge back on to the top of the mesa. I saw no other soul my entire time on the trail. It is this kind of solitary freedom that I always search for. Sometimes shocking it is along the way, but I seems to come out better in the end because of it.

I see the classic view of White Rim on the last section of the trail.

It was all I needed for my first day here.

More actually, to which I am always grateful.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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