Christmas has come and gone. The obligatory family time has been met and now I find myself entering Arches National Park. The front gate warns that only four wheel drive vehicles are allowed a few miles further in…

I lock in my wheels and head in. Light snow starts to fall. I’m heading out to a section of the Park I’ve not seen before, at least I have no recollection. The Windows.

Ice covering the foot paths make this trek slow going and dangerous if one hurries. I take my time, carefully watching where I place each foot step, and still I occasionally slip. The Windows are openings to another dimension out here in the high, cold desert.

Eyes watching us from another place in time.

Memories flood my mind, as if the gates to the past were ripped open by great winds. I close my eyes as a single tear slowly makes its way down my cheek before falling onto the snow covered ground.

Cathartic my time in the desert will be, whether I welcome it or not.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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