The man ventures out into this new world, eyes darting warily for danger as the mask is securely on his weather beaten face. One can’t tell friend from foe when a face is hidden from view. He enters a mall, a place that will soon become a relic in this modern online shopping age, but for now it is still housing those that brave the outdoors.

Wonderspaces has new exhibits for our Covid world, the artists showcasing their perceptions of reality through different mediums.

Robotic arms use facial recognition software to draw those of us that pass by. Singer sewing machines play haunting melodies. Black sludge from the underworld is manipulated with magic and magnets. A rainbow colored room gives you the perception of color in an otherwise cold, black and white reality.

The man enters a protective bubble called “Into the Breath”. A large chamber meant to represent the isolation one can feel these days. He is comforted by the solitary confinement for a few moments, but then others enter, breaking the barrier of protection. He scurries like a mouse to the edge of the bubble, then quickly exits, hoping to have avoided the virus.

The new exhibits almost make him feel normal again, as though the world is the same as it always was, but he knows that is just his mind playing tricks.

Nothing will ever be as it was.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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