I read about a mountain biking trail system in Prescott called the “Circle Trail”. Forty five miles in total, one has many different entry points to access. It’s the start of our Memorial Day weekend here in the USA, and the first time in this new Covid world that masses of people venture outdoors.

I pass by Whiskey Row and head up into the Tonto National Forest looking for an entry point. My GPS fails me though, taking me instead to Goldwater lake. Luckily though I find an alternate trail here. I unload my fat tire bike and just start riding into the unknown. The air seems so fresh.

Rolling along the gentle inclines, my legs twitch with excitement as adrenaline rushes through my body. I move over rocks, avoid squirrels, whisk past green pine trees as I go.

This is my type of social distancing, and my soul responds positively to the exercise and freedom of the outdoors.

Thirteen miles later, I complete the Goldwater loop. It’s not even 11 a.m. yet, so I still have all afternoon to find the circle trail for another ride.

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