So the crew gathered together for the Jack Johnson and friends concert last night at Usana Amphitheatre in the SLC. With near perfect temperatures for an outdoor music show, no clouds in the sky, the valley in a soft orange sunset glow, and the anticipation of the Perseid shower in the skies as the evening progresses, the crowd was ready for the night ahead.

The night started with opening act ALO ( Animal Liberation Orchestra). I thought they sounded really good, similiar to Phish. Then came G Love….

…who put on one sweet set. Cold Beverages and his rendition of Neil Young’s classic, horse with no name, were my favourites.

In between sets me and my girl played around , she practicing her dance moves while slipping  a blue slurpee, I making strange faces.

 Once Jack Johnson started, the whole area around us on the field stood up to party, dance, and cheer. Crazy legs was, once again, the star of our section.
 Dj and Janae ventured down a bit to stand at the railing and watch the show. We found it more comfortable to lay back on the blankets, watch the stars, and relax to Jack’s music.

As the evening went on, Crazy legs snuggled up to me, and softly fell asleep on my chest. I was watching the shooting stars, smiling to the music.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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