When you first meet Pastor Jared, you can not help but notice the scars on his face, and the missing left arm. But once you start talking to him, you become entranced in his passion and the dreams he has for his school and the children who live and go here to get their education.

As our group was walking down the dirt alley towards the Joy Valley school, I was thinking about my first visit here last year. It was here that World of Difference allowed me to share with the children about my sister.

As we arrived, I saw the girls all dressed in the t-shirts I brought them last year, ready to perform their welcome dances for us. When the girls saw me, they smiled with a thoughtful recognition. I was so touched by their remembrance.

As they started to sing, I was willingly pulled in to participate. To sing and dance with these young people, so full of life and spirit, surrounded by the t-shirts celebrating my sister’s life and her love of this world, was yet another memory I will always cherish.

And watching the rest of our group making new memories this year.

World of Difference hopes to make building a new school for Pastor Jared a priority next year. Currently the school he has is too close to a river which is a danger for the children. We hope to start breaking ground for him in 2011 in a safer location. I hope to be a part of that.

I also hope that, in some small way, the things left here will help them to remember their own dreams, and to never give up on them.

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  1. I didn't realize those shirts were all from your sisters run….that is really sweet. I would like to be there for 2011 as well:)

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