After my morning at Little Giants, we headed over to the next school to say our goodbyes, Unity Centre. Eunice, the school’s headmaster ( and my mom while I’m in Kenya) warmly greeted us, and with tears in her eyes, thanked us for all of the work we had done for her school and children.


Eunice and I in front of her school.    

Although you can’t help but have overwhelming love for all of the children there, one usually has a special bond with a select few. This year, for me, it was Jane and Joseph.
This will be Jane’s last year at Unity Centre, as she will be going on to high school next year.


Jane quietly and humbly asked if she could speak to me. When we were alone, she cried into my chest, telling me that she didn’t know how she would be able to continue her education, as she has no parents, and her Aunt was sick and had no job. All she wants to do is continue her education, with a dream of becoming a journalist.

Joseph is one outgoing young man. Full of energy and charisma, you can not help but smile whenever you see him. This is mainly because he is always grinning from ear to ear, with a sparkle in his eye.


No matter how my day goes in my life back in my hometown, I can always close my eyes, and hear Joseph’s sweet voice calling my name, asking me what he can do to help me. I can feel him softly holding my hand, or telling me a story. Joseph’s dream is to be a Judge.

I went into Eunice’s office and told her that I wanted to help Jane and Joseph, and asked her if I could sponsor them for one year.
“Do you want to pay for just the school fee’s, or can you also pay for them to get a daily meal too?”
It wasn’t much money, but I know it will make a World of Difference to those two young people. It certainly made a difference in me.

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