So earlier this summer my friend Mark told me about his hike up to Kings Peak ( the highest point in Utah at almost 14,000 feet) he did a couple of years ago. This started the old wheels to turn, and I quickly decided that IF i was to attempt this myself, now was the time. Put together a crew of myself, Aaron, and our friend Anna, and headed out on this epic climb Thursday evening. We started a little late with Anna getting a ticket on her way to my house, and then running headfirst into traffic at the I-80 junction to Evanston, then almost getting extremely lost trying to find the little WY town of Mountain View (thank you IPhone!) but we arrived at the trailhead about 530 PM. Strapped on our 35 pound packs and hit the trail hard for two hours before finding a nice little spot to camp for the night. Set up camp and started our making of dehydrated goodness, when a nasty spell of nausea hit Aaron like a load of bricks. Being out in the wild, Anna and I didn’t know whether we should try to get Aaron back tonight or not. It was pretty touch and go, especially when the puking started….. I had some pepto tablets for Aaron hoping that would do the trick, but all Anna and i could hear was moaning and barfing from Aaron’s tent most of the night. We had decided that this trip was not meant to be, and we’d leave back to the car in the morn. But Aaron was a Super Camper, and although I know he didn’t get much sleep, and had to be feeling terrible, he sucked it up and we pushed forward in the morning. Incredible! Enjoy the movie of this 28.8 mile backpacking experience ….
Best things to come out of this trip :
  1. The gasoline down Darin’s diaper story
  2. Anna’s adventures as a Crime scene cleaner
  3. bonding over Kings of leon
  4. making it onto the Peak!

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