No matter how much time has passed between casts, fishing is always a reliable source of relaxation for me. The early dawn finds me pulling the dust covered truck into the empty parking lot, Lee’s Ferry before me.

Lee’s Ferry is the launching area for fly fisherman to find the sweet spot along the Colorado river for that perfect Rainbow or German Brown trout.

It’s also where people start their river float trip down into the Grand Canyon.

But for me, at least for today, it was the place where I could watch the sun rise, lighting up the red stone cliffs around me as I jig cast into the river.

No fish were caught today, but actually catching a fish isn’t really the point of fishing, at least for me. I get more out of sound of line zipping out onto the water, the sounds of early morning birds floating across the sky, the sand squishing in between my toes as the river churns and gurgles along, continuously carving out the earth.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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