Deja Vu hits me once again as I walk towards the Wire Pass trailhead, but I ignore the feeling as my focus is on the excessive morning heat. I check my water levels and then hit the trail.

The soothing red sandstone formations quiet the soul as I hike along, looking for snakes and scorpions. After a couple miles I come to the slot canyon entrance.

Each line in the rock is a block of time, a life lived by a variety of creatures.

Like rings in a tree, you can see the history of the Earth, although the scale of such is hard for many to grasp. It shows how meaningless our lives truly are to the planet we so briefly occupy.

I enter the slot canyon, but only make it a few hundred yards before I see the ten foot drop off and the large stone, both of which are preventing most of those in the canyon from going any further.

I then hear that if one goes back to the entrance and scrambles up to the top of the canyon that you can scale down the mountain relatively easy and re-connect back onto the Wire pass trail. I give it a shot.

Back on the trail, I squeeze through the narrow passages as light and shadow transform the colorful canyon walls. As I emerge from the slot canyon, the feeling of Deja Vu I had earlier comes full circle. I have been here before, back in 2015 when I hiked Buckskin Gulch.

The Buckskin Gulch hike I did started at the other end of this canyon, and I ended that hike at Wire Pass, but came just short of the official sign that told one where they were. I wanted to continue, but I didn’t check the weather forecast before hand, and entering this slot unprepared is just a recipe for disaster. So I turn back around.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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