We were just outside of Vegas, crossing into Arizona when she asks if I’ve listened to the album “music for the morning after“.

“only the song on the radio, “life on a chain“.

“Well you HAVE to listen to it, it’s so GOOD!”

My sister always put a smile on my face that way. And so, as my new life was about to begin in Arizona, we listened to Pete Yorn, circa 2003…..

May the 1st, 2015.  I’m outside the City Winery in the Napa valley, trying to clear my head of one disastrous day by remembering better times. I’m hopeful that this show will help.

My balcony seat has a perfect view of this intimate setting. I order a local IPA and wonder if my song request will be played. Pete’s “You & Me” tour is a no set list type of tour. Pete lets people request what they want. The lights go dim and he walks onto the stage…..

The singer Ben E. King died today. Pete sings a soulful and stirring rendition of Stand by Me that brings the audience to tears. A few songs later, my request of Lose You is played. He checks with us to be sure we want it, as it is depressing as hell, but we unanimously request it to be played.

It takes me back to sitting in the back seat of a car after making love to my girl for the last time.

To remembering my sister, may she rest in peace.

To becoming jobless earlier today.

I know all about life on a chain though. It is just my time to endure pain and hardship for awhile. I’ll consider myself lucky have started this new road with a songwriter that truly inspires me.

I’ll just be waiting over here, waiting for life to begin….again.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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