Master Snickup’s Cloak

In roaming the blogging world I came across this great site called The hermitage about the lives of two artistic nomads living in Europe. Check out their site to learn more, but I would like to share one little discovery I made, a book called Master Snickup’s Cloak.
The best way for me to describe this story would be from the jacket cover :
Master Snickup’s Cloak is a Medieval moral tale animated by the spirit of Poe and Burroughs. It weaves a web of Gothic horror around a story of childhood love, tragically betrayed.
Alexander Theroux creates a pageant of characters that wittily parodies 20th century preconceptions of the Dark Ages.
Amongst these characters are the divinely beautiful but mercenary Superfecta; the money-grabbing burgher, Mijnheer van Cats; and Master Snickup himself, wanderer, ascetic and recluse.



Brian Froud’s illustrations depict in subtle colors a world teeming with tiny spirits and mutant devils. The text is set as in an antique parchment, a context that perfectly complements Theroux’s wryly humorous fable.


This book was originally going to be a christams gift for my niece, but upon reading it, I will wait a few more years before i pass it on, as I feel it’s depth and beauty would be lost on a 7 year old. It is also a 1st edition.


Thank you Rima for bringing this art into my world.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?