So on Thursday, October da 1st, my 39th birthday came to be. To celebrate me making it to the summit of life’s hill ( it’s all downhill from here!) Pa and Aaron took me to the Lakeside golf course aka ” The Sponge” for a afternoon of golf ( free on your Bday)
As you can see by our beanie’s, hoodie’s, and jackets, it was a little chilly, but still a beautiful autumn day in Bountiful. Snow on the mountain tops, with autumnal leaves below, and a crystal clear blue sky.
I did recieve two very specials gifts as well. First was from one of my ‘World of Difference” friends, Ruth. Ruth is a teacher in Georgia, and was the one that invited me to help teach in Nairobi. After myself and Dawne taught our first class of “Be True, Be Clean/HIV & AIDS”, I was able to tell these wonderful children about Truddles and then gave each of them a Trudi 5K memorial T-shirt. Ruth sent me pic’s from that very special day…. Then later that night Jared sent me this video from Crazy legs and C-Bug

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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