There was only one trailhead parking lot area that had an abundance of cars (relatively speaking) in the Island in the Sky district. The trail leading one to Mesa Arch. I bundle up and head on out to see why….

The hike was short, not even 1/4 mile long, so soon I was at the precipice with the great arch before me. The drop off into the canyon below had me dizzy and with the wind blowing, my attention was focused on sure footing.

The other people around me were focused on trying to get that perfect selfie while trying not to slip and fall to one’s death. I watched with belittled amusement, as my attention is being pulled to a sandstone mountain off in the distance. I hear a voice in the sky above that is calling to me to go and climb it.

So I leave Mesa arch and navigate my way to this new challenge.

The base of this is smooth and fairly easy to hike, but halfway up things get a little crazy. The wind is really blowing hard, causing my eyes to water up and make things blurry. I start to feel faint, weak even, and sit down to get my bearings before I take a fatal mis-step off the edge.

3/4 quarters up the sandstone mountain is as far as I dare venture to go, but it is worth all of the effort. My views of Mesa arch and the surrounding area from this vantage point give me the peace and solitude I was looking for.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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