6am seems to come earlier and earlier for me as the years pass by. Yet 6am it was as I unzipped my tent and shivered at the frosty air outside. There is nothing more refreshing than waking up outside Yellowstone. As I stretch and start quietly packing up my gear for the day, large rocks seem to be slowly moving in the not too far distance.

I squint my eyes for a closer look…

“I need coffee…”

This thought permeates my brain as I shrug off the “slow moving rocks”. I then start to notice cars and a few people pointing to the same rock formations. I think it strange to have such hustle and bustle this early in the morning, so I walk over to be a little closer….

A family of moose are making their way towards the campground as they slowly enjoy their morning breakfast of mountain grass. The size of these animals is incredible. I find myself being drawn closer to them, but am fully aware of the potential for aggressive behavior.
Just as I make my way to what I think will be a safe and secure spot, a young moose surprisingly leaves the herd and runs full tilt through the campground!
Luckily he doesn’t trample any tents ( and the unknowing sleepers they hold ).
Ah, the beauty of the animals here.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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