It was only 9am on a Friday, yet I was already exasperated. Perhaps my short temper came through in the multitude of emails, as the next thing I know the boss tells all of us that we are getting Monday off. Regardless of the reason why, I’ll certainly take a three day weekend and enjoy Columbus Day.

With perfect October Utah weather, I head back to one of my favorite places at this time of year, Utah’s Alpine Loop.

A fresh dusting of snow is on the peaks, a starkly amazing contrast to the changing leaves. In another lifetime, I used to bring my young girlfriend’s son, only a toddler, up here along with her older son and daughter. We would pile up leaves and they would happily run through the pile as I’d take pictures.

The girl and I were lovers in a dangerous time. We would listen to the Barenaked Ladies repeatedly, smile affectionately at each other, lay on the couch in each other’s arms as the children would quietly play.

As the months went by, she would work the weekends as I would entertain the children by hiking up in these mountains. I would bring the roll of film to the store afterwards to be developed. One hour later, we held our memories in our hands.

Yet the relationship was turning blue, much like the Corrs song.

Near the end, we sat on opposite ends of the couch. The playful sounds of the children were no longer to be heard. The music was ending.

All good things must end, as they say. It was time that we slowed down for awhile. Like Everclear.

Good thing for the mountains and my memories, which remind me of both the great and the ugly.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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