There certainly was something in Iowa’s water tonight. Perhaps it was the concrete Death Star auditorium. Perhaps it was the conservative, Midwestern attitude that permeates this part of the country.

For whatever reason, people were on edge, rude and somewhat toxic. For those of us not from this area, the negativity was palpable.

As Ryan himself stated to one particular asshole “that negative shit is on you man, not me. Perhaps you can talk that out with your therapist.”

Regardless of the weird vibe tonight, Ryan Adams delivered an amazing performance. His growth as a person and an artist was abundantly apparent, and although fans of his earlier stuff may have been disappointed by what they heard, Ryan himself said it best :

“I’m not going to play my depressing shit. It’s not that kind of show, as I’ve moved on. I no longer write lyrics just before I sleep off my high in some dumpster alley.”

For someone that loved his dumpster alley stuff, listening to the progression and healing of Ryan was all I could ask for.

No more, no less.

Just the truth.

or as Ryan would say “can’t we all get along together, like Judas Priest and leather.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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