Jimmy was just a boy when I first met him in 2009. Shy and working on improving his English, he approached my side, held my hand, and asked me my name. When I told him, he gave me some small bracelets to take home.
” for your Mum”…..

Jimmy and I in 2009

Each year since we have become closer, developing a true friendship. He has grown into quite the young man, studious, thoughtful and creative.

His desire is to become a professional photographer. I helped him with a camera last year for him to develop this talent. He has taken the initiative and found free lance work doing what he loves. He is also an artist.

He surprised me last year with a couple of art drawings he made by scratching the wood to outline the picture, then filling in the cracks until he gets the desired effect.

It is a painstaking process he goes through, but the end result is a true piece of art, and something I cherish deeply.

Jimmy Mukundi is almost an adult now, and when I see him in a few weeks we will rekindle our friendship and set goals for the future, which for him is very bright.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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