“this is my first time being to a baseball game you know….”

“Really? We need to change that.”

There is nothing I find more relaxing than watching baseball. Throw in a warm Spring night with family and friends, a complimentary suite with free food and drinks, and you’ll need to drag me home when the night is over. The tradition of this sport is more than just a game, it’s time spent with people you care about in a way unlike anything else.

I teach my niece and nephew the subtleties of the game over corn dogs and beer. We watch for foul balls coming our way, cheer at home runs, delight in singing at the seventh inning stretch.

The bright stadium lights sit in contrast to the setting sky, holding an air of wonder over the green grassy field. We are on the edge of our seats with the game tied at the top of the ninth when a 3-2 pitch is hit high up in center field….four outfielders go for it….and the ball falls in between all of them…the runner rounds third base and heads home….he is safe!

Bee’s win! Bee’s win!

It’s a sound that never tires or grows old, much like the game itself.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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