So I finally have some time to sit down and write about my recent trip to NYC with Jared, Emily, Shauna, Ed, Debbie, Cathy, and Wendy. Initially i was a little worried in having a large group go as sometimes everyone wants to do different things and it ends up that no one gets to do anything that they want. But not the case on this week long adventure thru the Big Apple. Granted their were a couple of tense moments, but that was nothing compared to the fantastic time we all had (I hopefully am speaking for the entire group.)

For me, what i took away for this trip was the realization of complexity of different cultures we have in this country. Utah is so bland compared to the diversity I was able to experience, and i feel to be a richer and more understanding person because of it. As for all the fun things we did on this trip, I think slideshows would be the best way to see it, so without further adieu I present to you……

NYC Apartment
Empire State Building
Central Park
NY Jets
Cafe Wha?
NYC Restaurants
Madam Toussard’s
Statue of Liberty
NY museum of Art
Random other Manhattan sights

Also had a great time in Chinatown shopping for bootlegged DVD’s ( they are the worst copies ever and I laugh every time I look at them!) and going deep into Chinatown’s underground to get purses for Emily was scary and exhiliarating! Just wanted to thank Shauna again for the great job she did in planning this trip. Memories and experiences to last a lifetime. I love New York!

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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