The time has come around again, the drive back to see family for the Christmas holiday. How repetitive life is sometimes….

Kanab, Utah is my halfway point. The ominous clouds dump rain, making my plan for an early morning hike before finishing the last five hours of the drive a little more treacherous.

The rain isn’t letting up as I get to the Red Canyon trailhead. No one else is here on this Christmas Eve morning. The little research I did beforehand stated that a small slot canyon is out here, somewhere. I start down the dirt road to see if I can get lucky….

It’s a slog out here, and I’m quickly covered in mud and soaked to the bone. The miles I’m trekking seem twice as far with the sand being so deep, like quicksand. I’m blinded by the downpour yet have a feeling that my destination is just in front of me….

Somehow my internal spidey sense leads me to the slot canyon.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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