I come down from Lassen Peak, high on adrenaline and weak from hunger. I’m equal parts satisfied and exhausted. Time to make my way out of the park and to the town of Redding for a night in my AirBnb.

The dry grasslands are eerie as I make my way along the dusty backroads of NorCal. Everything is one spark away from being lost in a blazing fire. Sadly, this thought becomes a reality for this town only a couple of weeks later…..

I settle in to quaint decorations and a beautiful deck overlooking the area. I pop the cork on the wine and watch deer forage below me. I laugh at the old TV, as it is the same one I had in my old home back in Utah, purchased in 2004.

I dance the night away as I imbibe to the setting sun. Redding relaxes my body from the earlier hike, and I feel comfortable and renewed in my Redding hideaway, if only for one night.

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Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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