Searching for the Sauvie Island lighthouse

Somewhere on this special island is a lighthouse, a beacon to those trying to find their way home. I too go looking for this shining light, hoping it will illuminate a path of hope for me as well….

I stop on the small beach and try my hand at some morning yoga, slowly stretching muscles into action. I head down the trail, only to find after a couple of miles that waters from the Columbia river has flooded the trail with no way to cross, unless one has a boat. I can faintly see the top of the lighthouse across the flooded plain, but it may as well be in Romania….

I don’t become discouraged though, as this Island still has plenty of surprises in store to find. Mighty logs that have become stranded on sandy shores make for great resting places to take in the day.

Flocks of birds fly in V formation overhead, jersey cows picturesquely chew their cud in sublime green fields. A community of boathouses line the river in quiet, while the occupants inside sip coffee and watch their day unfold.

The beacon of light I was searching for didn’t come from a lighthouse, but from within my own soul, stirred by the magic of Sauvie Island by the people and animals that call this place home.

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