As the winter solstice nears, I aimlessly walk the dark night of Santa Fe. Holiday cheer and luminaries light up the empty streets. It’s only 7pm, but most people are already snuggled inside, enjoying wine with loved ones, hot cocoa for the littles.
I find Canyon Road, a street full of artists from around the world that make Santa Fe their home.
I stumble into a Tibetan art garden, decked out with a Holiday theme among the Buddhist statues and spinning metal wind chimes.
I find the perfect Christmas spirit here as I walk alone up the street, peering into the window displays, gazing for an indeterminate amount of time at the beauty within.
At the top of the street I cut across a small bridge and follow the Santa Fe river back to town. Along the way, I spot something in one of the trees, and slowly make my way for a closer look.
The virgin Mary has been painted onto a stump of a tree branch….
which fittingly signifies everything that was right about this evening.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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