Spinning my wheels on the backroads of unincorporated Joshua Tree

No need for a shirt today, as it’s above eighty degrees at 7 a.m. out here in the desert on this Autumn morning. I finish my Bloody Mary and climb onto my bike. The sand is deep on the unincorporated roads out here on the edge of Joshua Tree.

I find the strange out here. A makeshift outdoor living room where one can sit on a weathered couch and watch nature unfold before you.

Homesteads that feel somewhat like Branch Davidian fortresses than they do solitary places for one to simply live. I try not to judge though, as everyone deserves to live the life they choose, as long as harm is not inflicted upon others.

Which I feel was what David Koresh was trying to do. I ride on…..

I hear the music of the Blues coming from somewhere, filling the sky with somber sounds. My legs start to quiver from the deep sand that is bogging down the tires. I reach deep and pedal onward.

The feeling of wanting to live off the grid grows stronger. Perhaps I need my own compound, my solitary fortress, an inner sanctum where I can freely express my opinions while sitting on a weathered couch watching Nature’s television before me.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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