Our infamous Utah snow has arrived in glorious amounts, creating a lovely winter wonderland for those of us brave enough to venture outside.
Today I hike the Mount Timpanogos trail head, searching for the way to Stewart Falls.
Early morning temperatures are still in the single digits, and the sweat from the first few hundred yards quickly freezes on my beard, cap and glasses. The snow is deep, dangerously so, and one misstep off the trail may find you buried under several feet of powdery snow.
I cautiously make my way in the white silence.
After a couple of miles, I find the path I want to take to the Falls. Green pines sway under the weight of snowy branches, and let the gathering flakes fall and cascade down.
The only tracks (other than my own) are of deer, rabbits, and perhaps a lone mountain cougar. I forego listening to music, keeping my senses keen and watchful.
The groves of aspens come alive in the stillness. I step carefully so that no avalanches are caused today.
Eventually, I summit to a outcrop of a ledge covered with snow. The Stewart cascades crash below me.
I don’t realize until later how close to the edge I truly was….to survive seems to be my first blessing of the new year.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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