Street Art Collages

In the year 1997 I made my first and only collages from the art of Salvador Dali. The internet was just starting to be something interesting, and in surfing the web I found and printed out my favorite artwork of his, hodgepodged them in a haphazard fashion onto a foam board, and hung them on my meager bedroom walls.
I thought I was an artist, and in a way, I was if you look at it as an outlet for expression.

Chapultepec Park has a section of fence that features different artists from Mexico City and the surrounding areas. This year the displays have the work of two different genres, the first being the collage art work of Luis Manuel Serrano Diaz.
What I love the most about collage work are the subtleties and surprises you find in the layers, and that you’ll almost always find or feel something new each time you look at a piece.
I wonder, how does this make you feel?

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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