Taking my medicine on the Telluride trail

Summertime thunderclouds are in the far off distance, thick black shapes rolling across the mountainous skyline.

I find a lift that will take me to the top of the mountain. I sit like a King over Telluride, book in hand and thoughts as free as a bird in flight.
I find myself on a popular mountain biking trail though, and soon move from this location to a safer spot, the start of the Telluride trail. I sit here for a spell as those dark rain clouds mover ever closer. I see a lady with two young girls start hiking down back to town. It looks to be a couple of miles, and I’ve only flip flops on my feet, but I gauge my determination vs. speed vs. moving storm clouds and start the descent.
I never do see the woman or her girls again. I find profound comfort as I go, the stillness of the forest with the creaking of the lift are in perfect harmony.

The heavens finally open up and release sweet summer rain down on me. I become soaked to the bone in a few minutes, and slip and slide down the muddy trail, working hard not to fall.
 I become that child that loves to play in the rain, not listening to those people that tell me to come inside.

I will not be sick.
I will be strong.
I will be free.

I will be me.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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