After a morning of mountain biking followed by an afternoon at the Pima Air and Space museum, I make my way out to the Tanque Valley for the evening.

Its a place I did not know existed, which seems to be just how people out here like it. I leave the asphalt highway in exchange for a dirt road, the desert brush high on either side, blocking my view for what lies beyond.

Weathered brick and stone of an eclectic ranch home filled with southwestern antiques. This place speaks to me in a deep and profound way, covering my soul in comfort.

I spend some time with the horses in the corral as the sun sets, then watch the stars fill the night sky as my new furry friends hang out with me.

The companionship of a strangers cats and dogs makes me melancholy for my childhood. Pets are family. They crave my love, which I am more than happy to give as I talk to them while scratching their underbellies.

The moon is so bright, and its white washed glow illuminates the desert. Around 1 a.m. a strange light zips across the galaxy. It fills me with the hope that there is something beyond our grasp in the great Universe.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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