As we drove a short distance from the city of Terezin to the cemetery where the holocaust victims were laid to rest, the van was silent except for muffled sobs and sniffling.


Slowly walking down the tree lined gravel path, we all held hands as the grave markers came into our view.

Thousands of Czech Jews lost their lives here from the Nazi regime. Most grave markers only have numbers, as names were lost among the multitude of bodies.

The crematorium used during World War Two still stands, although locked down and secured from public view of the interior out of respect for those that lost their lives inside. An owl, a Nazi symbol of Death, still hangs from the exterior.

One really can’t put into words the feeling you have in a place such as this. Although it was hard to even take photographs, I treasure these pictures more than any others I have taken.

Each one is a stark reminder of my day in the Terezin Nazi Propaganda Camp, witness to the tragedy and triumph of the human condition.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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