I have a thing for Stanley Kubrick and The Shining. I wouldn’t call it an obsession necessarily, more of a hobby to learn more about what inspired Kubrick, and a fascination with haunted places. This all came together when I spent a couple of nights at the base of Mount Hood, Oregon in the Timberline Lodge, where part of the movie was filmed.

Constructed in the 1930’s, the granite stone and wood give a deep sense of care that went into this hotel. I’m given my key and make my way up the stairs and down a long hallway to room 207. Rich history is everywhere, all consuming.

The rains starts to fall steadily outside, dampening my idea to explore. I change my plans and wander through the corridors, searching all nooks and crannies. The hotel creaks and moans, as if warning me to be careful. I take heed and head back to my room….

The wind howls down the chimney. I start a fire in hopes to abate the weather, surprisingly with success. As the fire crackles and pops, I open a book and get lost in the pages as night falls.

I eat when hungry, gorging on locally grown food and wine. Coffee and tea keep me company as I sit by an old window sill, watching the trees bend in the breeze as the rain continues to fall.
I have time to write postcards, catch up on sleep, rest my mind from the day to day grind. I fancy haunted spirits floating above me, finding comfort in the company of the afterlife.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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