The connection between Cape Cod and the beginning of America

I venture back out to the Cape when the realization hits me. “This is the birthplace of America“. Standing on the shoreline, looking out across the water, I can visualize the first ship that sailed through these waters to land at Plymouth Rock.

Hopes, dreams and fear must have filled the senses of those early brave travelers as they approached this land, a New World for them. This perspective gives me the very real impression that I am walking on sacred ground. It changes my feelings of this trip into one of great respect to all of those that came before me.

I find a pretty solitary beach that has white clay cliffs that rise from the shore. The seals are closer than ever here, playing in the waves just before they crash on the shoreline.

I’m really getting into life out on the Cape now….

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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