I decide to return to my birth State for my birthday, which will mark the second time I’ve taken a flight in 2021. I was looking forward to a weekend in Seattle at the Edgewater Hotel. Who wouldn’t want to stay at the place infamous for the “mudshark incident” involving Led Zeppelin, as well as The Beatles photo of them fishing out their hotel window?

I take my usual transportation, hopping on the tram from the airport to downtown, then walking the steep streets down to the waterfront. The sea air is intoxicating, even if the city is still in Covid lockdown mode.

I check into the Pearl Jam suite, hoping to get inundated with the nostalgia of this bygone music era. The room is filled with posters of concerts the band has done over the years. I find the one show I saw back in 2013, which feels like another lifetime ago.

The suite has a long outdoor deck which is perfect for capturing time lapses of the harbor as boats come and go. Perfect for sunsets and hopefully I can capture some night scenes as well. I fall asleep, dreaming of what will come the following day.

I wake up to crippling pain. Kidney stone? or something worse? I can barely walk, and think about calling an ambulance….

I drink glass after glass of water, pray for healing, and see if I can ride out the pain. It takes a few hours, but eventually I feel good enough to walk outside. This old age pain is just getting ridiculous.

My big plans for the weekend are curtailed, with most of my time spent on the deck of my hotel room, watching sea birds and cruise ships pass by….

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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