the next day at the Festival ( otherwise known as part two)

Having had a killer time the previous night, I ventured back Sunday afternoon to see what the Living Traditions Festival had on tap. And I found a variety of interesting performances.

I started the day out with some traditional Cambodian dance rituals that these people perform to thank their God for the bounty given to them….

After this, I made it to the south stage to catch the Jewish Gypsy perform. I didn’t even know there were Jewish Gypsies.

After this ended, an Inter-tribal native american pow wow was just getting under way. It first started by having one of the tribal leaders perform a sacred ceremony blessing the ground ( very spiritual), then the performance got under way..

and finally, I saw a Japanese Tyko drum circle. Unfortunately, my memory card was full about 30 seconds into this, but you get a good feel of the intensity of this just from the short clip I did get.

The Living Traditions Festival is an annual event in downtown SLC, and I hope to make it my own tradition in the years to come.


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?