So this last weekend our Family had decided to go up to Fruitland for a few days of fishing, boating and relaxing up at Jared’s cabin in Fruitland. This trip can be summed up in the phrase ” hills and valleys” to be sure. Started out Thursday night with us getting about two blocks from Jared’s house when plumes of black smoke and sparks started emitting from the trailer tire of my boat. Freaking out, we turned right around back to the house. We discovered that one of the tires I replaced on the boat trailer was for a rim that wasn’t the same size as what was needed. Crazy. Jared felt comfortable in using the spare tire that had a nice ole rusty nail embedded in it (it was at this point that i felt sick to my stomach). luckily we made it up to the cabin later that evening, event free…. Next morn we rose to a beautiful day, and ready to take the boats out on Strawberry for some fishing. You can go to STRAWBERRY FISHING to see that whole adventure. After that adventure, me , Jared , Aaron, and Sydney thought we’d try our luck fishing up at Red Creek. Jared wanted to get close to the lake and drove his truck a little to close to the edge. I knew we were in trouble when his truck started sliding. We were sooooo stuck in Red clay mud guck. Good for us, another truck was there to pull us out. We tried fishing, but no bites here, so we taught Syd how to skip rocks, which then turned into throwing big rocks into the water were each of us were fishing, seeing who could get who the wettest. Good fun! on the way home Jared’s low tire pressure light came on, and by the time we got back to the cabin, he had to change out his tire. Where was our Good karma? get this day over with…. Next day we headed out the opposite way to get in some skiing, wakeboarding, and tubing. This whole adventure can be seen at STARVATION BOATING. The only bad thing today that I can remember was Em, Ma, Pa, Janae and Syd came later in Jared’s truck and drove the whole way there with the emergency brake on. But hopefully no permenant damage…. Sunday was spent cleaning up and heading home. Good, albeit with hills and valleys. times. Oh yeah, Sydney is turning into quite the Photographer…check out her little slideshow she made of Uncle Aaron trying to open a bag of POTATO CHIPS. Good stuff! C-Bug chillin with the Gummies
He sure knows how to get what he wants. Self relaint. love the chips under the chin.
What a good dinner. Corn from Darin’s garden and some mean Dutch Oven cooking from Emily. Magnifico!
Camping in the cabin in style…..playing Wii. Awesome
Grandma and Cedar loving the hot tub out back. This demonstration is Cedar showing Grandma how the “duckie goes pee-pee”. Classic.



The master hunter showing off his archery skills
janae teaching Sydney how to swim. i believe her head even went under the water! Congrats!

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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