“Did anyone bring some pantyhose that I can have?”

Even with all my eccentricity, this statement shocked everyone.
“Let me re-phrase….I saw this super fun game that we can try if one of the ladies have some pantyhose they don’t mind giving up..”

Yeah, not much better. Regardless, we called our friend Cathy who didn’t mind stopping at the store and buying a pair.
I kept the game a secret. I opened the package and cut the feet off each legging. I gathered the kids and those adults that were mildly interested around and explained the rules…
“You each put the pantyhose over your head. Then you stand back to back, and when I go, you try to get to your respective finish line ( about 10 feet away). The first person that either crosses the finish line or pulls the pantyhose off the other person’s head is the winner.”
Got it?
Before we could start the game, people were rolling in the grass laughing at our faces under the nylon.
Then things went crazy once we started, hilariously crazy. With the countdown to me leaving my beloved Utah in the throes of finality, you’ll see more family sappiness over the next several months until I’m finally gone.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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