I had just finished my circle around the mighty Crater Lake and was ready to head back for the evening when a split in the road came before me.
“The Pinnacles”   7.3 miles ahead.
I never, ever pass up the chance to explore a new road with a destination that was previously unknown.
I park at the end of road, which becomes the start of the trail head. I learn that the Pinnacles are chimneys that are formed when hot ash is cooled after a big volcanic eruption.
When these volcanic spires appear before me, I am once again humbled by the power of this earth.
It’s one of those afternoons where everything seems to be in spiritual alignment ; the light, the clouds, the trees.
I walk quietly along the canyon’s rim in this Oregon wonderland.
I come to an old entrance to the park, built back when Teddy Roosevelt was our US President. The entrance has been closed for many years now, with only the history being the story.
I rest against the past and an easy smile settles on my face as the forest crackles and chirps in the diminishing light.
I reach the end of the trail, dance a little jig, then return whence I came, better off in both body and mind for seeing the volcanic spires and spurs of The Pinnacles.


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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