In this world, there are no mirrors, glass windows, or shiny objects for one to see oneself. Here, what you are is reflected by who you are on the inside. Your inner self is the outward appearance others see. All that seems to be left in this world are hideous, evil creatures that want to destroy all that they see, except for him, the aimless traveler in a world without a Reflection.

The stories of the past state that this world was designed to destroy vanity. Idealistic in nature, but when a person’s true heart is shown, those with ugliness and dark thoughts reigned supreme over the few with goodness in their soul.

The traveler is alone in this world. He has survived by wandering the empty spaces, looking for the reflecting pool. Only at the pool can he finally see his true self. He must know why he is still here, and what purpose his life serves in the desolate, desecrated haunted landscape. Whether he finds the same ugliness that he sees in the creatures that remain here, the pool will reveal the truth.

As he starts his climb up the mountainous terrain, he knows that whatever he finds, it will most likely be to his end. With no food or water, emaciated and alone, all he wants is to reach the pool, and see his true purpose. He can then rot back into the soil, or fall to a worse fate……..

As the suns sets in the distance, he arrives. The water is a crystal clear blue and he falls to his knees to parch his dry mouth. As he bends down, it becomes clear. The reflection he has been dreaming of his whole life is before him.

But the reflection is not a dream, it is a nightmare. He closes his eyes, accepting his fate.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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