Sometimes one just needs to cut loose or the day to day monotony will crush you. Halloween is perfect for such shenanigans. Throw in a spontaneous road trip to follow your college football team with new friends, and one has the making of a very interesting weekend.

Funny thing about this year was that I was the only one who got into the Halloween at work. The boss stated that all his pending lawsuits was too stressful to do anything. I was not sympathetic to his plight, though I do hope it doesn’t hurt the company too much. Funny all the second glances I get from co-workers, friends, even people passing me as they drive by. The best compliment was that someone told me I look like a member of the Edgar Winter Group.

As I get ready to go to Colorado Springs to watch to my first road college football game, I wonder what the weekend will bring as I am going without my usual crew. I have a little nervous apprehension about spending time with new friends, but once I meet up with them, that dissipates quickly. I found out from Mrs. T that she has a friend from high school that lives in the Denver area, and that she and her husband will be joining us. We talk more and I realize that I know this person, but haven’t seen her for over twenty two years, but as soon as we meet it was as if no time had passed. I love when that happens.

We head to the Golden Bee, an English saloon with great fish ‘n chips, and beer by the yard. Missy and I had a 1/2 yard each, while Mr and Mrs. T shared a yard of ale. The bartender throws little bees at you when you enter that stick to your clothes. If you ever find yourself in Colorado Springs, go here. You wont regret it !

At Air Force stadium a few hours later, and seeing all the cadets in uniform reminds me of my Dad and his time served in the Navy.

We win the game, and head back to our hotel room for more fun. Too much fun, as my head is fuzzy in the early dawn of the Colorado mountains. As I board the plane to head home, and smile thinking about another adventure under my thumb.


Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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