Rail strikes had been happening throughout my time in Scotland. When I checked into my final guesthouse in Inverness, my host tells me a tale about how his daughter traveled up from Glasgow the day before, and had to stand the entire journey due to no seats available. It’s a three hour trip.

I had purchased a ticket months prior, but was still a tad nervous that either the trains wouldn’t be running, or I couldn’t get a seat. I leave right after an early morning breakfast to see how my luck would fare at the train station.

My ticket I purchased couldn’t be validated, but I just purchase another first class ticket. The station isn’t too busy this early in the morning.

I wait apprehensively, but once they start boarding, it was smooth sailing. Hardly anyone else in my section, and the first class seat is comfortable. I relax and enjoy watching the Scottish countryside whiz by me as I make it back to Glasgow.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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