I want to show you the people and conditions of the areas I am trying to help. Today, my focus was the Unity Centre in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

Within a few days of this post, an anonymous donation was made. Since this donation was inspired by the Unity Centre, we were thrilled to donate all the funds to this school.

Peter and school director, Eunice Mwaka, spoke at great length about how to best use these funds. As with all schools in this area, uniforms are a requirement for attendance. Many of these uniforms are old, dirty, torn and ragged. It was decided that new uniforms would be made for all of the children at the Unity Centre.

In part one of this amazing story, we would like to share with you pictures Peter took as he and his fellow collegues visited the Unity Centre to tell Eunice and the children the good news and the donation. The comments came directly from Peter himself. We hope this captures his heartful gratitude for supporting our cause and truly helping those less fortunate.

Anxious girls assemble to meet us at the school gate after hearing of our visiting.
Grand reception from pre-unit through their touching songs and poems.
The school director Mrs. Eunice Mwaka shaking hands with the project’s co-founder Peter in appreciation to the support the school received from the project in its quest to support girl child education.
The faces tells it all……
Mrs. Mwaka organizing choir.
We got time to interaction and listen to the astonishing hardship these girls are going through in their Pursuit to get education. ( Peter with Scott’s good friend Ann.)
Keen faces as they follow speeches from the visitors.
One of our friend, Edith, shares light moments with the girls.

Part two of this amazing story will contain video’s Peter took to allow you to hear the children sing their gratitude, and for you to just listen and observe a different part of the world. To conclude part one, I leave you with a little message from the Unity Centre school director, Eunice Mwaka :

You are so welcome Eunice, as you are the true selfless hero.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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