I find that time is standing still and rushing by in the same instance. It has now been a month since I returned from Kenya. And yet my body still has marks that are a constant reminder of my experience.

A friend and fellow team member, Matt, made the statement that he does not want his marks to heal, as he always wants to remember what he accomplished. The seemingly never ending process of cutting and nailing down floorboards, tying wire to secure the rebar, bending poles with sheer will power.

Bending back the rebar


sawing and nailing the floorboards


As I run my fingers over the marks I still have, I think back to days of swinging pickaxes, digging out trenches by hand, and tearing down structures, all with hope in our hearts and determination in our minds that we will make a difference



These marks can still feel the weight of a thousand stones carried.
These marks will not let me forget of the camaraderie felt as a community came together to accomplish the seemingly impossible.


The sacrifices each and every one of us made.
These marks help me to see what I can do when I act with my heart.

These marks are a resemblance of a community united, a team committed, a goal reached.
As I think about this time, I look back upon the bonds formed,
the fruits of our labour realized,
and the lasting friendships we have.
I do not want these marks to heal.

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