I arrive into the Los Angeles area just as the work day is ending and the freeways are a parking lot. The sunset is on fire tonight, which makes the long-standing commute somewhat worth it.

I eventually arrive in El Monte, which feels like little Chinatown mixed in with a healthy dose of Gentleman’s clubs. Sea Bee would love it here. I prepare to end the week with hard work before having the weekend to play.
 I see I missed her call the night before, and this will mark the longest amount of time we’ve gone without talking since we became re-acquainted in November. I text her as I make my way to the Monrovia Falls for a morning hike. She tells me not to worry as she just wanted to chat, and hopes I have a great time this weekend in LA.

With all the fires and lack of rain in California lately, will there be any water left running?
 It’s not even eight AM yet there are throngs of kids hiking Monrovia Falls this Saturday. The waterfall is somewhat disappointing, but I’m just happy to see water flowing down the rocks.

After getting a few hiking miles in, I decide to make my way to the coast, settling on the town of Carlsbad. I find a parking spot on the edge of the ocean, then work on navigating my way down to the water from the unstable cliffs.
 I meditate to the ocean waves all afternoon, getting turned on by hot yoga chicks stretching on the rocks next to me. Sea Bee is missing out.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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