George Hilman Hunt
Born : June 15th, 1920
Died : July 11th 2013
I was a mere ten years old when George first came into my life, as we met at his new stepdaughter’s wedding  (my cousin). He married into our crazy family, and fit like a final, perfect piece of a jigsaw puzzle.
His stories and sense of humor are what I loved most about him, like the hat in the picture above…..Priceless.
I’m not sure why it is that when people attend funerals, they remark ” I never knew that about them….” yet I think part of it is that we all like to have some privacy, and the other part is that some people don’t like to reminisce about the past.
I didn’t know that George was in the Air Force, ready to battle Hitler in WW2, but the war ended before he had the opportunity. I remember him ALWAYS saluting whenever he saw the American flag, but didn’t realize his deep and profound patriotism until his death.
I didn’t know his first wife died from cancer in 1978, that he had five children from that marriage. What I did know was that his love for us was unconditional, and I admired him for his knowledge, good heart, and love for life.

I salute you Uncle George, God rest your patriotic soul.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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