I’ve been home for two weeks now, and in between jet lag, mounds of work, and a general re-customization to life back in USA, I’m ready to start sharing my experiences while in Kenya this year.


The team this year consisted of five team members, and four team leaders. I dubbed us “Small but Mighty”. For almost three weeks, we completely transformed a school, had amazing nightly bonding sessions, laughed, cried, cleaned up vomit, went on safari, and fell in love with Kenya ( all over again).

The music to accompany the video’s this year is by the band, Wayo Afrikah, and my friend Paddy is the drummer. It’s a great way to experience the Kenyan culture. The song is heard throughout Kenya, a national treasure.

2 Replies to “it happened….Build.Create.Kenya 2013!”

  1. You inspire me yet again. You're dedication and love are written all over your face. Much love for you on your journey my friend. Thank you for sharing. xo

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