“Dr. Livingstone I presume?”

As we make our way past the iconic statue of the first European that discovered this area of the Dark Continent and to the small stand that is renting rain ponchos, I succumb to the Spiritual presence as I slip the rain slicker over my head.

“God is washing away my past wrongs….”

The perfectly blue sky disappears from overhead as the “smoke that thunders” envelops us. Torrential rain pours down from the heavens, washing away all inhibitions, sins, misgivings and wrongdoings.

To coin a religious phrase, you become baptized by the rains of Victoria Falls.

I scream with the new found freedom of a fresh start, yet the deafening roar allows none to hear my shout. None except the creator of this place. I kneel and touch the mighty Earth in the river that is flowing down the walking path.

A bridge appears in the mist, connecting you across the might gorge. The rain is heavier here and the bridge sways with the force of the Falls. Death can sweep me over the side willingly, I am more alive in this very spot than in all my prior moments of living.

A double rainbow appears as I make my way to the other side. A confirmation from Nature that she is always looking out for us mere humans as we witness her grand splendor.

I write this story on our American Day of Thanks, and that seems appropriate to me. I am so very thankful to have shared this amazing experience with five incredible people, creating a lasting bond that will stay with me always. I found a cleansing power in Nature unlike any previous encounter, and one that will be hard pressed to surpass.

I found a new start under the rains of Victoria Falls.

Wench, bring my ale, what say you?

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